• Myron Affordability

Myron Promotional Business Gifts are Affordable Enough to Fit Every Budget

Myron offers a wide selection of promotional products for every budget, from 99 cent bulk logo pens to executive briefcases priced at $100 and up. No matter the price point, the quality of our products is non-negotiable. This means that we offer the best value in the business.

Why Invest In Promotional Products?

In the digital age, people are bombarded with a slew of ads and email. It's easy for your brand message to get lost in the noise. Promotional products can help your message resonate loud and clear.

Promotional products create a more lasting impression than television, print and online media because they are useful items that are seen and used every day. This means that a few dollars spent on a promotional calendar or custom imprinted pen can result in hundreds of impressions and a real, lasting connection to your employees, customers, and prospects.

PPAI studies show that when it comes to creating conversions and cementing sales, promotional items have the edge over other media. 50% of people form a positive impression of the brand after receiving a promotional gift. They are also more likely to contact the company to make a purchase after receiving it. 1

Myron's Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your order, simply return it for a full refund or replacement. No questions asked. And there's no time limit.

1 Source: http://www.ppai.org/events/promotional-products-work-week/Documents/PPW!%20Fact%20Book%20-%202013.pdf